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The best app for downloading songs and videos for Android

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Do you need to download or simply stream on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, WhatsApp, Instagram or any content online in mp4 or MP3? The Vidmate APK is made for that and much more. The application has a search tab that finds any song or video online. For MP3 the downloader will simply rip the audio from the video without interfering with the quality. It is the ultimate bridge between you and your dream entertainment.

Once you install the Vidmate app on your pc or phone you have access to more than just video downloads. You can watch TV, stream your favorite videos, watch and download any movie and even customize your entertainment to fit your schedule. You can select a range of music from Dj mixes to all-night-party songs. You can create and bookmark favorite playlists and do multiple downloads without size or speed restrictions. All this comes for free.

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It tells about how to download and install the application on android device. Author video demonstrates how to use this program and application.

Features & Functions

Once you install the app, these are the tasks it will perform on your device.

Unlimited streaming and downloading on latest HD movies

The Movies section offers unlimited streaming and download on latest movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood to any other industry that offers your favorite movie. There is no restriction or charges to your downloads.

Unlimited online TV

You will have over 500 television channels from across the globe to choose from with no buffer. This allows you to watch uninterrupted live TV using your Internet connection.

Lots of music with unlimited free download

The music section has millions of Songs from almost every genre collected from many servers across the globe. All you need is the name of the song or artist and your Internet connection.

A free video converter

When you click the download button, it offers you the choice of either downloading in MP3 or MP4. MP3 files are smaller in size and they take less space but not at the expense of quality. With the converted file format, there will be no need for another converter for our files after downloading.

Why choose Vidmate App

Easy navigation.

The app is primarily centered on user-friendliness. It easy to navigate with all tasks being a click away. You can access the download button from any site as long as the app is running.

Super Quick downloads

The downloader delivers files to your device 5 times faster than your standard downloader. It connects to a server multiple times and gives you a chance to resume downloads where you stopped in case of an interruption.

Multiple file downloads

There is no limit on the number or size of files you can download. The app allows you to download as many files simultaneously as you want with all of them receiving a fair share of the bandwidth.

Easy file access

If poorly designed, downloaded files can be scattered all over your internal memory making them hard to trace. The Vidmate downloader allows you to find the downloaded file from the download button at the top right corner after downloading. The app also stores files in your default video, music or document folder or a folder of your choice.

Total control of your downloads

The program allows you to monitor what you are downloading, pause, resume or delete any content. The Vidmate download manager section on the right-hand corner of your app will show you the percentage of your media that has been downloaded.

Easy to download and install

The app is small in size and doesn't compromise the system storage space of your device. It is easy to download Vidmate apk online as it takes a very short time.

Install instructions

  1. Download vidmate apk to your pc or phone
  2. Enable installation of apps from third parties (also called obscured or unknown sources depending on the device) in your settings.
  3. Click the install button and accept the terms and conditions
  4. Enable all app permissions in the app settings to serve you better.
  5. After you launch it, add all the popular media destination sites that you want to download or stream content to the application's home screen for quick access.

You are all set and able to start using all the features without limit.


Vidmate is a powerful application designed to give users free access to all kinds of media online. The app offers a free unlimited connection to video and audio files for streaming and downloading on from server or website. The powerful revolution that will see you choose, not just any platform but also any format or quality makes the user experience quite amazing.

It connects to a server multiple times establishing a stable connection for uninterrupted streaming. The downloader will divide your file to small pieces when downloading. This allows you to download the files fast and then consolidate it on your device upon completion. The independent download of the file sections also allows you to resume your download at any time.

Vidmate is also installed with support features for file sharing. You can send your favorite video or audio on WhatsApp, facebook, twitter or Tumblr.

Download APK


Yes. Once you install the app on our device, there is no restriction on the features you can use. There are no premium services or access limitations on the download and streaming features.
It's currently available for all devices without restriction on any operating system. For windows, you will need an android simulator such as Bluestacks to run. For Android, all you need is download and install the Vidmate APK file.
Once your application is installed an running simply go to youtube and open the video you want to download. A download button will appear at the bottom of your screen where you can choose the quality and format of your file. Vidmate music can still isolate audio files from your video without compromising its quality. The same tab applies to videos on Vimeo and Daily Motion.
No. It's a third party application that comes in the APK format making it very safe but not part of Google or apple's app store collections. As a result, you can simply download it here and install it on your device.
Vidmate is a fully certified app that has been screened against viruses and worms making your device and personal files safe. The Vidmate app does not transfer any data from your device to any server meaning it does not interfere with your privacy. It keeps your data and device safe.
A lot of users are concerned for the safety of their phones when using apps of the kind. This is for a good reason – the majority of the apps aren’t properly secured. Vidmate, however, is verified by McAfee, CM Security as well as Lookout Security – something which is particularly important.