Vidmate for iOS

Everyone loves getting a copy of their favorite video on a device to check it out in future when your Internet connection snaps. The quality of your content does not change when you stream on Vidmate. You can check and modify the format and quality of your download from any website and still enjoy your HD viewing experience.

Saving a perfect format of your media with a click is the advantage of having Vidmate for iOS. Vidmate for iOS can stream and download content from your favorite streaming service at a high quality with no compressions. Vidmate allows you to download the files as mp4 or mp3 and play them on your iPhone,iPad or any other iOs device.

Why Install Vidmate On iPhone/iPad?

Vidmate is not available for download on the apple app store. Being a third party application, you can still download and install the APK without affecting the performance of your device. Vidmate performs download management tasks on an iOS device including downloading any video or song on the Internet including songs on iTunes for free. You can also monitor the number and speed of your downloads and regulate to moderate space and data consumption.

There are no charges on installing Vidmate, once you download you are free to use it. Once your download is started, you do not need to keep checking, the app will give you a notification on completion of your download. The speed of the file downloads on Vidmate are very optimized . You will download every file at the best speed of your Internet speed condition without slowing your device.

The search box also makes locating and starting downloads very easy. You will be able to locate the videos other people have downloaded recently and make your choice of a favorite video on sites like Youtube. This is a time saver as you won't have to scroll for long before finding your desired video.

Vidmate on iOS: Features

Vidmate video downloader for iOS, iPhone 6S, iPad, iPhone 7

Vidmate alternative for iOS

The developers are working daily to better the quality of vidmate but apple users do not have a direct download access on the store but don't worry. Vidmate has a sister application SnapTube specially designed with the same provisions as Vidmate that allow you to stream and download videos with no limits. You will need a Cydia in your pocket to easily install the app and run it on your device.

Vidmate is still the world's leading video downloader that makes access to online media simple and cheap. The app is designed with your best interests at heart allowing you to navigate the web and enjoy watching and saving your favorite files for free. The application is being improved day by day and we will continue telling you the mightier features we give to the video download giant.